Budai says Hello World! 2017-10-19T20:53:03+00:00

We are thrilled to announce that our Facebook Messenger chatbot, BudAI, is Live and in beta! BudAI provides information instantly about a wide variety of questions, through Facebook Messenger. Ask him about games, Tao, news and of course, cats!

You can play the latest HTML5 games within your browser, FREE! BudAI now knows about a new beta feature: Play Games Now! HOW COOL IS THAT! We’re testing a Shop feature for BudAI so that he can give you contextual shopping deals on demand, that feature all our world class merchant partners, for your shopping convenience. \o/

Please let us know you’d like to see anything specific from BudAI 🙂 we love hearing from you!

#TLDR: Budai is in beta, learning at a furious rate and will only get better with time, so talk to him as much as you can, to help Budai become better!

BudAI has been accepted into FBStart, Facebook’s global program for startups, and on the BootStrap track, we have been provided with some incredible resources that we’ve been using practically every day: THANK YOU Facebook! \o/