Check out Blue Apprentice: the galactic science adventure game your kids will love! Teacher approved and recommended by PopSci magazine, Galxyz Blue Apprentice is ideal for kids who would love an intergalactic science adventure mission! Click on the banner below for a free trial of the game and let us know what you and your kid(s) think! \o/

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What parents need to know

Educational value

Kids can learn aspects of chemistry as they take apart and recombine atomic structures. As they solve the puzzles and travel to other planets, kids also learn about biology, earth science, and physics through new activities, games, simulations, and inquiry-based experiences. Other topics covered include the properties of matter, the periodic table of elements, conservation of mass, ecosystems, energy cycles, food webs, different forms of power, chemical reactions, and Newtonian physics. New content on previously visited planets can also be unlocked, plus there are four open-world sandbox levels.

Ease of play

In this simple tap-and-move interface, kids can quickly and easily move around and select objects and options just by tapping the screen.

Violence & scariness

Some mild cartoon violence, mostly not shown on the screen, when the villains do things that aren’t nice to other characters, such as set their buildings on fire or change their solid phase into a liquid or a gas without their permission.

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