Remember this story? Well, get your fingers ready because it’s time to play! 😀

You’re adventuring through some random jungle somewhere (what to do? You like ADVENTURE!), when you stumble upon a village of very frightened people! When you discreetly enquire about their concerns, you find out that the village has been subject to a relentless barrage of falling celestial objects every day and night on Mondays! Luckily for the people of the mysterious village,  their local shaman has predicted the arrival of a hero to rescue them.

Looks like the villagers think it’s you!  But can you do it? Will you help the villagers? Play Great Stars of Fire! to find out. Coming to iOS and ‘Droid platforms in May 2012!

Here’s a screenshot of the game in its full glory!

Great Stars of Fire!

Frightened Villagers in Great Stars of Fire!