I came across IDEO.org’s The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design last week and right from the first sentence, have been inspired – the idea that we are the change-makers, the movers and shakers of the universe, the generation that can turn the tide, is not novel; neither the idea that the solutions are with the people that endure the issues – however, having a set of guiding principles to drive that design process is clearly apparent, to help make sentences out of words, so to speak:

“Embracing human-centered design means believing that all problems, even the seemingly intractable ones like poverty, gender equality,
and clean water, are solvable. Moreover, it means believing that the people who face those problems every day are the ones who hold the key to their answer. Human-centered design offers problem solvers of any stripe a chance to design with communities, to deeply understand the people they’re looking to serve, to dream up scores of ideas, and to create innovative new solutions rooted in people’s actual needs.”

– The Field Guide to Human-centered Design, IDEO.org

Having this design kit at this juncture helps us at Laughing Buddha Games design our product with creative confidence, by understanding the people we’re designing for, to have more effective brainstorms, to prototype our ideas, and to ultimately arrive at more creative solutions to develop projects of real social impact.


It has everything you need to know to execute on human-centered design principles to develop long-lasting social solutions. Download a PDF copy for yourself today and thank you IDEO for sharing this information so freely. #IDEOrocks

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