What a time it has been: we’ve been gaining serious momentum as we continue building our ecosystem! Happy to announce that our VR film, HITO from the Garage Stories hackathon, featuring Nokia Ozo technology is now in post production and the team is working hard to put the finishing touches to our first project together. We hope to announce a release date soon!

We had a momentous 3 day workshop at Womens’ Startup Lab, the #1 female founder focused Accelerator in Silicon Valley. The experience was filled with much learning and reflection about startup culture and the impact of integrity. The Japanese concept of Hito was key to understanding why such a culture benefited everyone. We had meetings with Product leaders, seasoned Silicon Valley coaches and VCs about what was essential in a successful product, company, founder and pitch: the whys, the hows and the whats.

The quality of the information provided within an informal and beautiful setting led to many animated discussions about each of us being beacons for change and why not! Having never been in an Accelerator program before, this was my first time with such an experience and I’m very grateful that it really resonated with me and I was able to understand the lessons that were provided! Thank you again WSLab, it was such a privilege and honor to participate in your program: shine on! BTW, WSLabs is now accepting applications for their September cohort: APPLY!

Thrilled to announce that we have hit the road running with our VR/AR/AI product: #Athena, with a debut at 500 Startups at their Female Founders focused event, hosted by The Expat Woman. Our demo booth was mobbed! We learnt really quickly that we needed more devices running the Athena experience and that there is never a guarantee that a venue would have viable power sources, but we ran through our experience with a few initial hiccups and was amazed at the audience reception towards the technology and its potential. #highlyrecommended #pitch #ffpff #500startups

We are excited to start working on our next sprint with key integrations with our partners and are looking forward to the entire ecosystem being built with our team. #fingercrossed #wishusluck

We started our podcast series, focusing on #indiedevelopers and are now partnering with CyberSquid Radio for #podday on Mondays, so stay tuned for regular updates on this feature. Our first guest was Misael Armendariz from Gorilla Bean Games and we talked about his latest game, Loteria Latin Bingo and lessons learned: thanks again for your time, Misael and just keep swimmin’!

Here are some screenshots from Athena for your viewing pleasure! Thank you for all your support. #BecauseofYouWeCan



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